Skin Diary by Stephen Irwin

The Speed Art Museum in Lousville, KY has an amazing installation art.  Skin Diary by Stephen Irwin (no, not the sorely lamented crocodile guy).  Walking into the room one feels as if one has fallen, very gently, through a wormhole and entered a negative universe on the other side.  The walls are white.  The Japanese Sekishu paper hung in a line all around the room is soft, delicate, and white.  The ink seeping through the paper in various spots is in purple shades occasionally verging on black.  It looks eerily like the pictures of galaxies taken from space, lovely but . .

personally I hate horror movies and those bruises on that beautiful white paper has the same effect on me as the shadows found only in the creepiest horror films. 

But it was quiet and only a whisper of air barely undulated the paper in a slow random wave.  There’s a place to sit in the center and whether one will or no, breathing slows and something not quite peace, but a mirror image of it, rolls over and around.

I was at the museum a few weeks ago and I still can’t get that room out of my mind.  And sometimes I think I want to. It borders on disturbing.  The beauty of it makes it even more disturbing.

There’s a picture of the room at but like most pictures of this type of art, it can’t begin to do it justice.

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