Introductory Blog: Working on the Glintlit House

This blog is all about creating a “Glintlit” house.   The initial canvas is a 1894 Queen Anne house in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Not historically significant, but charming and a little odd.  At one time it was owned by the Glenmary Sisters and until relatively recently it didn’t have bathrooms or even a functional kitchen.  We have the impression that at one time it was more of a gatehouse than a home.

We do a lot of fun stuff to it; cement and stucco are plastered on the walls in the laundry room, stenciling, ragging, and marbleizing in the dining room, stucco and straw on the walls in the main bedroom.  We’ve tiled a fireplace design behind the stove in the kitchen with broken plates and colored pieces of glass.  The living room fireplace is textured drywall with embedded riverstones.  We get ideas from all over and sometimes we make things up ourselves.  We’ve done a lot, but we still have a lot to do.  The idea is to turn the Glintlit House into a magical, slightly quirky place.

“Menachim’s problem was this: he had more money than there were things to buy.  Menachem’s solution was this: rather than buy more things, he would continue to buy the things he already owned, like a man on a desert island who retells and embellishes the only joke he can remember.  His dream was for the Double House to be a kind of infinity, always a fraction of itself – suggestive of a bottomless money pit – always approaching but never reaching completion.” From Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer

Pictures coming in upcoming blogs . . .

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  1. rachael Said:

    i have that too!

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